Suspended Units

Radio fired suspended gun showing radio controls and battery

Shy or nocturnal animals can be difficult to capture with hand held units. A net launcher suspended on a rope strung between two trees or poles, a cantilevered beam or a large tree branch is extremely effective.

Suspended units are versatile. Net size and mesh size are infinitely variable. Firing can be achieved by a baited trigger (animal fired), manually fired by a hidden person pulling a line attached to the trigger or more remotely by radio.

If a baited trigger is used selective capture can be achieved by varying the bait. Suitable vegetable material for herbivores, meat for carnivores etc. If desired these units can ring your cell phone when triggered.

Manual and radio firing are more selective in that individuals within the same species can be singled out. Selective capture is particularly easy with radio firing. Animals to be captured can be attracted beneath the unit with appropriate bait and firing can be whenever the selected animal is in position. The operator can be several kilometres away observing through binoculars if necessary.

Multiple capture is possible, especially with smaller species, since very large nets can be launched from suspended units. Net size is usually 6 meters by 6 meters, but can vary from 2m x 2m to 10m x 10m.

Suspended units are effective on mammals, birds, reptiles and even fish in shallow water, but elephants and giraffes do present a challenge.