Hand Held Units

Hand held fixed gun

a. Fixed or Basic Unit

This projects one net then has to have the net re packed for the next shot. The simplest and cheapest of the range it is suitable for individuals and groups involved in injured or endangered animal and bird capture and for Animal Control Officers.

b. Fixed Unit with Replaceable Net Canister

The only difference between this and a basic unit is that the net canister can be quickly replaced with another already packed with a net. Useful when more than one capture is anticipated and in situations where a net cannot be immediately recovered for re-packing. There is no limit to the number of canisters an operator may wish to use.

c. Hand Held Breakaway Unit

By far the fastest way of achieving multiple shots and is most effective when used from a helicopter or moving platform such as a truck deck. This system allows the firing mechanism to be quickly detached from a barrel / canister unit and attached to another barrel / canister unit. Time between shots can be less than five seconds. Net canisters can also be quickly removed from the barrel sets and replaced with pre-packed canisters as in number two above. A typical ensemble for a helicopter capture team would be one firing unit, three or four barrel / canister / net sets and perhaps ten detachable canisters pre packed with nets for recharging the barrel sets after they have been fired. If the above seems complicated please contact us. We are always happy to talk about our products and we appreciate phone calls.